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Egypt 2022

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When: August 26-September 9, 2022

(The encounters start January 2022!)

Where: Cairo, Egypt (and, along the Nile River)

A Passage To The Sacred Land Of Khemet

Nataline R. Cruz (of Strawberry Moon Energetics, Ancestral Healing & Sacred Teachings) and Rebecca Lindhorst-Ballast (of Soul Blossom) invite you to join them on an adventure to the Sacred Land Of Khemet. 


If you have ever had a calling, an interest, in the Sacred Mystery Schools of Egypt – if you have ever felt the pull to activate your DNA, to imprint into your Luminous Body, to “remember” yourself as the initiate, now is the time. You have waited lifetimes for this return.


We will explore the Sacred sites of Egypt, in a Cosmic Way. We will retrace the footprints of our past and gather the knowledge of the mystery schools. We will go into ceremony and encounter the Ancient Cosmic Relatives. We will allow the Divine unfolding as we travel into dimensions, portals, and Higher States Of Consciousness. 


During our visit we will be accompanied by an Egyptologist and Khemetologist who walks in both the linear and Cosmic Way. 


We will encounter the Organizing Elementals of the Desert sand, and of the water on the Nile. 


We will nourish all 4 Manifestations – the mental, the physical, the emotional, the Spiritual. 

All accommodations are of the highest quality, from the fresh organic food to the places we stay.


**Plus, all the incredible cosmic magic that you've come to expect from a Strawberry Moon experience!!!

Limited capacity. Complete and return the Retreat Contract TODAY!!! (Email Rebecca to set up a time to walk through the next few steps.) Once Rebecca has your signed contract, she will connect with you directly with instructions on how to make your deposit, to finalize the payment plan, and set up recurring payments.

The Retreat Includes

  • 12 group encounters.

  • Personal mentorship (includes three (3) private sessions)

  • Luxury accommodations for 14 days, 13 nights.

  • Private airport escort.

  • Private A/C bus.

  • Private Nile cruise onboard a private Dahabiya.

  • Khemetologist guide.

  • Entrance fees.

    1. Heliopolis Temple,

    2. Egyptian Museum,

    3. The Great Sphinx (PRIVATE ACCESS!)

    4. The Pyramids of Giza (PRIVATE ACCESS - The Great Pyramid),

    5. The Step Pyramid,

    6. Unas Pyramid,

    7. Serapeum,

    8. Abydos Temple,

    9. Dendera Temple,

    10. Karnak Temple,

    11. Luxor Temple,

    12. The Valley of the Kings,

    13. Hatshepsut Temple,

    14. Edfu Temple,

    15. Kom-ombo Temple,

    16. Isis Temple

  • Meals and water (includes coffee and/or tea at breakfast).

Plus, the opportunity to add on some can't miss experiences to be announced closer to the time of travel.


A Passage To The Sacred Land Of Khemet